• Image Interpetation I - New Mexico

  • Basaltic lava flow overlying sediments

    This exercise is a great old fashioned image interpretation exercise with a stereoscope. Based on an exercise that has been developed years ago (1970) as part of photo interpretation courses at ITC. You have to make high-quality prints of the stereo images and use a stereoscope to make the exercise. Alternatively, you can use the stereo pair to make an anaglyph in ILWIS software and view it with red-green glasses.

    I have updated this exercise in 2013 for the image interpretation course (module 4) as part of the AES MSc program at the Faculty ITC.

    The area can be found in Google Earth at approximately 35.5015 lat; -106.1750 lon.

    Download contains:
    • Instructions: Ex - New Mexico - instructions.pdf
    • Aerial photos: Ex - New Mexico - stereo pair.jpg
    • Example interpretation: Ex - New Mexico - interpretation.tif

  • Image Interpetation II - Zagros belt Iran

  • Litho-structural image interpretation fold structures in sedimentary units of the Zagros fold belt

    This is a nice exercise in interpreting lithologies and reconstructing fold structures from a Landsat TM color composite and a hill-shaded SRTM digital elevation model. The fold structures in this area are spectacular and they can easily be interpreted by using flat-iron shaped erosion patterns. Many of the folds were formed by salt tectonics, and there is a relationship between the structures and the presence of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

    The exercise was developed for the image interpretation course of module 4 in the AES MSc program at the faculty of ITC of the University of Twente.
    The exercise was also used for the Petroleum Geology Master program at the University of Dar es Salaam in 2015 and subsequent years. A full example interpretation is not yet available.

    The area can be found in Google Earth at approximately 27.3015 lat; 55.7460 lon.

    Download contains:
    • Instructions: Ex - Zagros belt Iran - instructions.pdf
    • Satellite maps: zagros_TM_band 8 CC741.png; srtm color shaded.png; geology_fragment.png
    • Result legend table (the link between stratigraphic units and image colors): Ex - Zagros belt Iran - Table result.pdf