• Drill-core Scanning - Porphyry-Cu Pebble

  • Spectral mineralogy of a porphyry-Cu pebble

    This is a great exercise to learn more about drill-core scanning with a SWIR hyperspectral imager. The exercise shows how lab-based, high-resolution hyperspectral imaging provides very useful and subtle mineralogical information about mineralized rocks. Exploratory analysis of a hyperspectral image of a rock acquired at 0.2 mm pixel size shows i) subtle compositional variation in illite-muscovite minerals that are related to copper- mineralization, and ii) occurrence of other relevant minerals. Methods in this exercise include wavelength mapping, interpretation of pixel spectra and the use of shadow images.

    The exercise was developed in 2012 as part of the Advanced Remote Sensing course in the Applied Earth Sciences MSc program at the faculty of ITC of the University of Twente. The version here was used at the Hyperspectral Remote Sensing workshop of the Colloquium of African Geology in Addis Abeba in 2013.

    A document with example answers to questions in the instructions and example screenshots of some of the results are available.

    Download Contains:
    • Instructions: Ex - Porphyry Cu Pebble.pdf
    • Data: Hyperspectral image: Pebble_60_HS; Folder with USGS library spectra
    • Example answers to questions: Ex - Porphyry Cu pebble - ANSWERS.pdf
    • Screenshots of selected results: Results.pdf