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16 April 2021:
Fix of data download problem of exercise "Planetary Exploration II - Hyperspectral Imaging".

13 April 2021:
Fix of broken download link of exercise "Planetary Exploration I - Martian analogs".

29 January 2021:
Link added to YouTube video lecture of "Hyperspectral classification using wavelength mapping and decision trees"; added to the “Miscellaneous” tutorials.

28 December 2020:
Link added to YouTube video lecture of "Tracing fluid pathways with hyperspectral remote sensing"; added to the “Miscellaneous” tutorials.

10 December 2020:
Link added to YouTube video lecture of "Hydrothermal alteration - a brief explanation"; added to the “Miscellaneous” tutorials.

2 July 2020:
Link added to YouTube video lecture of "Information theory and hydrothermal processes"; added to the “Miscellaneous” tutorials.

25 June 2020:
Link added to YouTube review of "Reflectance spectroscopy of Martian analogs"

14 June 2020:
Major update of frankstutorials.nl, it now contains the following exercises:

Image Interpetation:
New Mexico | Basaltic lava flow overlying sediments
Zagros belt Iran | Litho-structural image interpretation fold structures in sedimentary units of the Zagros fold belt

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing:
HYMAP Palai | Mineral mapping of the Palai area with hyperspectral remote sensing
Kangaroo Caves | Hyperspectral mapping of alteration minerals in the footwall of the Kangaroo Caves VMS-deposit
The Hyperspectral game

Multispectral Remote Sensing:
ASTER Rodalquilar | Hydrothermal alteration mapping for epithermal gold exploration at Rodalquilar with ASTER
ASTER Zagros | Compositional mapping for hydrocarbon exploration

Planetary Exploration:
Martian analogs | Reflectance spectroscopy of Martian analogs
Hyperspectral Imaging | Hyperspectral Imaging of the Nili Fossae area on Mars

Core Scanning
Porphyry-Cu pebble

26 March 2020:
Frankstutorials.nl comes online

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